Saturday, April 17, 2010

Punch art Sesame Street

This is one of my favourite cards which I made for my niece, (although it's also very appropriate as a boys card). She was able to name all the characters with no prompting so that was proof enough for me it was a close second to the original Sesame Street characters.

Although you can't see, Big Birds beak sticks out and a little red card, using the SU Oval (Small) punch, creates his tongue.

It was created entirely using punches, SU Scallop Circle, SU Circle (Large), standard hole punch for the black eyes, SU Circle (small) for the white eyes and Elmo's nose and SU Oval (small) punches, and I had a balloon punch which I used for Cookie mosters mouth. I used this instead of the SU circle punch as I wanted it a bit smaller to fit the cookie in. Very cool hey!?! I love it.

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