Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Nursing/Feeding Cover - Unisexed

This is a nursing/feeding cover I whipped up this afternoon. Took just over an hour so very quick and easy. I followed the instructions on this online tutorial

I had seen a few tutorials but I liked this one as it was not only easy to follow, but it has boning in the front section so when feeding, I'll be able to keep an eye on bubba without the world being exposed to anything unnecessary!

The only difference I did from the tutorial was I used 2 fabrics. I'd read some feedback that some nursing mums found the double layer better as it prevented puffs of wind blowing the cover up. My only concern is that it may be a little stuffy for bubba on the real hot days, but I will probably make another one using one layer so I have the option of both (weather dependent!!) :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedding invites - SU Bird Punch

I made a stack of these invites for my Aunty and her to-be hubby. The actual size of each invite was DL but the photo only shows the very top section as the wording is personal. At the bottom of the invite I punch a decorative border which finished it off nicely. It was a very time consuming and fiddly project - one which I wouldn't repeat if more than 50 invites are required. Having said that, they turned out beautiful and elegant.

Christmas cards 2012 - SU Bird Punch Christmas Wreath

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Newborn nappy cover and going home outfit

This is little bubba's outfit it will come home in from the hospital. Less than 10 weeks to go! I bought the romper and socks, but made the matching nappy cover. I also plan on crocheting a little white jacket for cooler evenings out. I'll post that in coming weeks. And possibly matching booties and mittens. I'll see how I go.

However the next priority is getting a start on this years Christmas cards.

Baby Polar Fleece No-Sew Throw Rug

This really is the easiest cheats 'no-sew' rug ever. I saw it in Textile Traders and loved it. Plus there is no sewing involved. The fiddliest part was cutting 2 co-ordinating fabric squares of polar fleece at exactly 1.5m square. I cut a 10cm square from each corner, then marked 3cm wide strips cutting in 10cm. Then just went along and tied the top and bottom strips together.

Would make a great baby or christmas present.  Below is the underside of the rug:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas present - Owl skirt and top set

I've been busy sewing again, attempting to get organised for Christmas. I'd made this skirt for a niece earlier this year and made another spare to put away for another niece for Christmas. I got busy today and appliqued the matching top. One Christmas pressie completed.

 Above picture: this is a close up of the applique. I used a small bowl to trace an exact circle of the visoflex, roughly cut around outside this border, positioned the visoflex on the pattern fabric, ironed, cut accurately around the circle, peeled off the backing, positioned the fabric on the top, ironed again. I finished off this time sewing a zig zag stitch around the outside of the fabric piece to hold secure.
Above picture: This is a close up of the pleated hem of the skirt. Makes a plain skirt that little bit more fancy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby - Newborn Nappy Covers #2

More pressies for bubba.  I used the same nappy cover pattern as per the link posted in the previous post. I cut out a fabric piece capturing a single owl with a generous border, ironed the fabric piece onto visoflex, cut out the single owl with an approx 2mm border, removed the visoflex backing and ironed onto the singlet. I then sewed around the outside of the entire single owl coming in approx 1mm. Normal applique uses a tight zigzag stitch but I just used a normal straight stitch. I'm soooo happy with how they turned out. Can't wait to do some more applique.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baby - Unisex Newborn Nappy Cover

I've just started making some of these nappy covers in mainly 0-3month size as when bubba decides to enter the world, the weather will be quite hot still. I'm going to applique a matching singlet/tshirt but just working out the design ... so watch this space.

The pattern & tutorial for the nappy cover was discovered at the website link below, really easy to follow ...