Saturday, April 17, 2010

Memory Game with Decorated Box

I made this memory game for my niece who turned '3' recently. The square pieces are made from chipboard which I painted black around the edges. I stamped and watercoloured 2 of each image onto SU Whisper White card and glued onto the chipboard squares. On the back I glued a striped coloured designer paper. I bought the box from a discount shop and decorated it using various bits-n-pieces. I was going to type up some instructions and glue these into the lid but time got away from me and that didn't eventuate.

Just in case it's not clear ... you turn all the images right side down, and take turns with a friend to flip over 2 squares, trying to match up the images which you then remove from the game. You successfully get a pair and you get another turn. Whoever ends up with the most pairs at the end...WINS! Was lots of fun to make and my over 40 year old partner and I had fun testing it out!!

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