Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Card in a box - Female birthday explosion card

Card in a box Engagement card

Kids book bag

Toddler boys santa sack with photo window pockets

 If you are ever tempted to sew with vinyl, my advice ... forget it! It was really difficult as my sewing machine kept gripping the vinyl making it bunch (with a terrible cotton mess underneath). After googling for help, watching multiple utube videos of others who were successful give tips, and becoming best friends with my quick-unpick I finally secured the pockets. Unfortunately I had to be satisfied with the sewing on the vinyl not being ideal. However ... I loved how the rest of the Santa truck turned out!

I went to Spotlight and bought gift bags which had the felt Santa Head & Owls on them. Pulled them off the bag and saved myself oodles of time. Plus I would never have been able to make them so cute. For the truck I googled pictures of trucks, found one I liked, printed it off, enlarged it to the size I wanted, traced it onto the relevant coloured felt, hot glued them in place then sewed around the outside of each coloured felt piece to make sure they would last for years. This was a custom order which is why I had to perservere with the specifically requested photo pockets (front & back no less)!! Never again!!!

Christmas gift tags in storage box

Peppa Pig punch art girls birthday card

Toddler apron & chef hat #2 (Boys & Girls aged 2-4ish)