Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Punch art Tigerlily & Tiger

Okay, I definately bit off more than I could chew with this project. A good work friend asked me to design a baby card as her son and partner had a little girl last week. Bubby's name is 'Faith Tigerlilly' - Tiger because her son is crazy over tigers (the grrr type) and Lilly is a family name. Therefore I decided I would try to incorporate both themes ... there was my 1st mistake!

As time consuming as punch art is - I love it. It's cute and great for baby/kids cards however to make them reasonably quickly and easily - you need all the punches ... and there's mistake #2 - I don't have all the punches. So I adapted what I had and free drew shapes to create the tiger. Fiddly yet very cute I think. (The tiger design credit goes to Marie from Stamping Inspiration). Both websites credited in this post were random websites found doing a google search.

Speaking of which, after much searching for punch art lillies (and I'm talking hours), I found an online video tutorial (all credits go to Valita's Designs and Fresh Folds site). I won't explain how to make the lillies as the video is really good. After all this research, these tigerlillies are going to pop up on a few future cards! Anyway mistake #2 was repeated for the lillies as again I didn't have all the punches but made do with what I had.

Regardless of this, I'm really happy with it. Not a traditional baby card I know, but cute huh?

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  1. Wow! Amanda, you've been really busy and these creations are just stunning. I also made some of Valita's lilly's this week, or should I say Sharni's lillys. They are so pretty and make any project look beautiful. I love your swans too, they look so serene, thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous projects with us. You a very talented paper crafter, lots of inky hugs from Charmaine :-)