Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unisex Baby Burp Cloths

I made the pink baby burp cloths for a friend who has just had a little girl, and made the purple ones for me as I loved the pattern and was the closest to being unisexed colours. Here's how I made them...

Products used:  terry towelling backing, flannel patterned fabric. Note: can also use ribbed chenille as backing.

  1. Cut fabric (front and backing) 24cm x 47.5cm.
  2. Place fabric right sides together and pin.
  3. Sew using a 1 cm seam allowance.
  4. Leave a gap at one end (to turn inside out).
  5. Trim corners to cut off corner (eg: cut triangle off)
  6. Turn inside out and push out corners with a pencil or chopstick.
  7. Iron to flatten the edges.
  8. Sew topstitch x 2 around all edges. This not only secures the opening used the turn the burp cloth inside out, but also provides a professional finish. I sewed 2 x topstitches at approx 0.5 and 1cm from edge.

Such a cute, very useful and cost effective gift for a new mummy & bub.

Note: Half a metre of fabric will make 4 x burp cloths.

Idea 1: If using chenille, you can sew together with right sides facing out and cut little slots into the fabric up to the seam line (DON'T cut the seam line!!) to create a ruffled edge. Looks really cute.

Idea 2: If you have an environmentally conscious awareness, or simply don't have any terry towelling for backing, use an old t-shirt before it hits the rag bin or Op Shop bag.

Idea 3: If you want to get a little fancy, rather than sewing a straight side hem, use a large plate or bowl to cut out a section in the middle of the long edge which will taper around your neckline.

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