Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Cot Teething Guard

I've had my Aunts 2nd hand cot in storage for a while so decided to set it up and see what else was required. I'd bought the rag quilt from the MadeIt website as I just loved the colours which have ended up being the theme for my nursery.

I've only got 1 guard made so far but plan to cover the tops of all 4 sides to protect the cot which is in immaculate condition considering it's age. Instructions are below:

  • Fabric (I chose 3 different colours from my stash of fabrics - lime green, aqua blue and white).
  • Quilted fabric (for the backing.
  1. Measure length of crib. Add 2 inches to the length for the seam.
  2. Repeat for the width by wrapping the tape measure around the rail tightly, then add 2 inches.  NOTE: If you use multiple fabrics like I did, make sure you add extra for the seams.
  3. Cut quilted fabric the exact length and width of the project (eg: don't allow for seams).
  4. If applicable, join your decorative fabric pieces together to make one long fabric strip.
  5. Turn edges over 1cm and iron. NOTE: do the long sides first, then the short ends.
  6. Place decorative fabric and quilted fabric together and right sides facing out.
  7. Fold back the decorative fabric 1cm over the quilted faric to form a hem. Iron and pin in place.
  8. Prior to sewing anything, make and attach the fabric ties which secure the guard to the cot. NOTE: I used ties not buttons for safety reasons but velcro might be another good alternative.
  9. I used 5 ties per side, in the following sizes: 4 x (30cm x 5cm) & 6 x (20cm x 5cm).
  10. Space the ties evenly ensuring you have 1 at each end per side. NOTE: to ensure your ties are pinned in places which fit between the railing of your cot, lay the unsewn guard in place and mark with pins where the best spots for the ties are.
  11. Pin the ties in place tucking underneathe the hem so the tie length hangs towards the middle of the guard.
  12. Top stitch around the entire guard hem at the inner edge of the folded seam (edge closest to the quilted fabric). Backstitch over each tie to provide more strength to the stitching.
  13. Fold ties back on themselves so the length then hangs towards the outside of the guard. Top stitch around outer edge.
  14. Repeat steps for cot short ends - just adjust the length/width as necessary.

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